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We love strength training because we know that is where the majority of our results come from. Strength days are the days responsible for sculpting the ultimate Base Body. The focus is lifting the heaviest weight possible within the given parameters, whilst ensuring perfect technique is maintained. 

When selecting how much weight is to be lifted on these days, be sure to choose the weight and stick with this same weight for the whole workout without missing any reps or breaking form. This means that the first set should feel challenging but very achievable, and by the last set, you will be more fatigued and so the level of difficulty will be increased but still attainable. If you are to train with a training partner, their job is to encourage, but not assist with any reps unless it is absolutely necessary to avoid injury. On our strength days we lift heavy weights, to put it simply, we keep the rep range low (under 8 reps), we have long enough rest periods for a better recovery so we can maintain the intensity for the whole session and we try and lift a heavier weight than we did in the previous session, this is the art of progression, which we believe is key to improving your body shape.

On our circuit days we usually perform 10-20reps, with 4-6 exercises back to back with no rest within the circuit, switching from upper body to lower body, with a 2-3 minutes rest at the end of each round. This forces our heart to pump blood around our entire body, which really gets the heart rate up, putting us into “cardio zone”.

Circuit days are the Base Body Babes preferred method of “cardio” training. This session will raise the heart rate into cardio zone and more, but because we are using weights to achieve this effect, the body knows that it still needs to be strong, so we don’t lose any of the hard earned muscle that we’ve been working for.

The combination of both strength and circuit style training with weights is what our system is based on. To have us tailor a training program especially for you click here.

Happy Training !!!

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