To develop a perky butt and to create your ultimate body… SQUAT! We love squatting! Squatting variations are among our very favourite exercises and we base our programs around them. It's more than just a leg exercise, it works almost every muscle in our body and is probably the most demanding of all resistance exercises and the most rewarding. We really favour training our lower body when we train with weights and this is because there is so much muscle to work with. The larger the muscle groups, the more challenging the exercise, the higher the calorie burn. Squats are the perfect exercise, they put the muscles in the right places and burns loads of calories. 

Some of our favourite squat variations include:

High Bar Squats

Low Bar Squats

Front Squats

Pause Squats

Goblet Squats

Split Squats

Bulgarian Squats

Yes these are all very different exercises and are all great to include in your training. But remember, technique is the most important thing, so if you aren't sure of how to perform these correctly or you don't know where to start, click here and check out our packages. All BASE BODY BABES on our customised training programs get access to our online tutorials, where we demonstrate all of the exercises, giving you the confidence you need to get in the gym. Let us guide and help you Build Your Ultimate Base Body.

Happy Squatting babes!

Your Online PT's 

Felicia & Diana xxx