Glute bridges are a great exercise to help build a booty and activate the glutes. We love training the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes and back), we believe building a strong base is so important and you can't have a strong base without a strong posterior. Our favourite exercises to do this are deadlifts, good mornings and back extensions, but in our experience, it is quite common that people have lower back issues where they are unable to perform these exercises. We also find that often people training on their own without face to face professional guidance don't have the confidence to do these more complex movements, so we often prescribe glute bridges for those who need to strengthen this area, but are unable to load the spine.

Glute bridges are a great place to start to help activate the glutes and build some basic strength in this area. It is also of course a great exercise for anyone who wants to work the booty. We use it as accessory work to our bigger movements to add variation to our workouts. 

Here is how we do them:

  1. Begin by laying down on the floor on your back

  2. Place your hands down by your side palms pressing down on the ground, if you would like more of a challenge, place the barbell or a weight plate across your pelvic area

  3. Bring your feet close to your bottom pressing your feet into the ground

  4. Lift your hips up high and squeeze your bottom

  5. Lower your hips back down and repeat the movement

For more information on how we can help you build your base body, check out our packages here.

Happy Training babes! xx