This is what we have for breakfast most mornings. It is the most delicious plate of healthiness and we can't wait to wake up in the morning to devour it. The plate consists of:

Naturis Rice Loaf - Our absolute favourite and the best gluten free toast we have ever tried

3 Organic Free Range Eggs - Scrambled or boiled 

Smashed Avocado - We don't have this every day, maybe twice a week

Baby Cherry Tomatoes - Our faves

Organic Sauerkraut - We have a spoonful with every meal, it is great for gut health and a staple in our diet

Raw Baby Spinach and Freshly Chopped Basil - Are generally always included on this plate for a hit of greens and the basil gives the eggs the best flavour.

We top this all with Himalayan pink salt and pepper.

Diana loves a long black with her breakfast and Felicia loves a fresh Lucky You Cold Pressed Juice or coconut water to wash it all down (which we also sell at the cafe). Yum!!!

We offer this at our cafe Base Fuel and it's called a breakkie box. At the cafe however we have hard boiled eggs instead of scrambled and we also add raw baby spinach and freshly chopped basil, which we didn't have at home today to add.

If you are in North Sydney come in and try it, otherwise try it at home, it's such a simple and super delicious meal.

Happy Eating!!!

Lots of love F & D xx